CSE4300 Course Schedule

Please note: all dates are approximate and subject to change as the semester progresses.

Week    Date Topic Lecture Due
1 August 27th

August 29th

Introduction, Administrative Details 1a. Course introduction and organization [intro.pdf]
2 September 3rd

September 5th

Introduction to Operating Systems I

Introduction to Operating Systems II

2.a Introduction to Operating Systems I [ch1.pdf]

2.b Introduction to Operating Systems II

3 September 10th

September 12th

Introduction to Operating Systems III

Operating Systems Structure I

3.a Introduction to Operating Systems III

3.b Operating Systems Structure I [ch2.pdf]

3.c Programming Assignment I [Assn1.pdf];  OS161 manual [OS161 manual.pdf]; Vurtual Box Manual [virtual box manual.pdf];  PA-1 Presentation [PA-1-Presentation.pdf]

4 September 17th

September 19th

Process Management I

Process Management II

4.a Process Management I [ch3.pdf]

4.b Process Management II

4.c Homework Assignment I [HW1.pdf]

5 September 24th

September 26th

Process Synchronization I

Process Synchronization II

5.a Process Synchronization I [ch5.pdf]

5.b Process Synchronization II

6 October 1st

October 3rd

Process Synchronization III

Process Synchronization IV

6.a Process Synchronization III

6.b Process Synchronization IV

7 October 8th

October 10th

CPU Scheduling

Real-Time Scheduling I

7.a CPU Scheduling [ch6.1.pdf]

7.b Real-Time Scheduling I [ch6.2.pdf]

8 Oct. 15th

Oct. 17th

Real-Time Scheduling II

Midterm Exam

8.a Real-Time Scheduling II

8.b Midterm Exam [sample.pdf] [midterm-review.pdf]

8.c Programming Assignment II [Assn2.pdf]

8.d Homework Assignment II [HW2.pdf]

9 Oct. 22nd

Oct. 24th

Deadlock I

Deadlock II

9.a Deadlock I [ch7-deadlock.pdf]

9.b Deadlock II

10 Oct. 29th

Oct. 31th

Memory Management I

Memory Management II

10.a Memory Management I [memory.pdf]

10.b Memory Management II

10.c Programming Assignment III [Assn3.pdf]

10.d Homework Assignment III [HW3.pdf]

11 Nov. 5th

Nov. 7th

Memory Management III

Memory Management IV

11.a Memory Management III

11.b Memory Management IV

12 Nov. 12th

Nov. 14th

Memory Management V

Memory Management VI

12.a Memory Management V [paging-implementation.pdf]

12.b Memory Management VI

13 Nov. 19th

Nov. 21th

File Systems I

File Systems II

13.a File Systems I [file-systems.pdf]

13.b File Sytems II

13.c Homework Assignment IV [HW4.pdf]

13.d Programming Assignment IV [Assn4.pdf]

14 Nov. 26th

Nov. 28th

Thanksgiving Break Thanksgiving Break
15 Dec. 3rd

Dec. 5th

File Systems III

File Systems IV

15.a File Systems III

15.b File Systems IV

15.c Final Exam Review [final-review.pdf]