List of People
NameTitleAboutEmailOffice Location
Areej AlthubaityPhD Student

Security and Privacy in Internet-of-Things

areej.althubaity@uconn.eduITEB 311
Tao GongPhD Student

Real-Time Data Analytics, Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks

tao.gong@uconn.eduITEB 311
Gang WangPhD Student

Blockchain Technologies 311
Jiachen WangPhD Student

V2X Communication and Security 311
John WohlUndergraduate

Wearable device design for food intake monitoring
Peng WuPhD Student

Real-Time Scheduling, Heterogeneous Resource Management

peng.wu@uconn.eduITEB 311
Zelin YunPhD Student

Wireless Powered Communication and Edge Data Analytics 311
Chenyu ZhangMSc Student

Biometric-based Authentication
Shanglin ZhouPhD Student

Healthcare Analytics (Co-supervision with Prof. Jinbo Bi)

shanglin.zhou@uconn.eduITEB 311